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Vlog Fix 1.1 — ALL download links point to the old version of the plugin!

Waiting for Team Reply
  • I’ve patiently waited for a new version of the Vlog fix. I noticed today that there was new version 1.1.

    However, the download file sent in the email IS NOT 1.1

    The link under my account DOES NOT download 1.1

    Wordpress backend says there is an update available, but when I update it says it completed the update successfully, but when I reload the page, it reverts back to 1.0

    I’ve deleted the plugin and have tried downloading a couple of times, but I always end up 1.0

    I paid $70 for the Blog theme because WPVR “claims” it works with the video robot. I spent $36 on WPVR and another $36 on add-ons. I’ve spent $142 AND IT STILL DOES NOT WORK.

    This is becoming very frustrating… can some one PLEASE send me 1.1 ?!?!

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