Does not recognize some sources #2 A


    I forgot to import the images in the previous ticket and I don’t know how to edit i
    Good afternoon.

    I have tried to introduce into WordPress Video Robot – The Ultimate Video Importer various Youtube sources. Channels, playlists and videos that do not appear to me later.

    I have many videos on my youtube channel that I want to import to and they can’t find the videos.
    I attach an image so that they see that the source recognizes but when doing the test the videos do not appear.
    The same happens to me with the playlist of other accounts.

    This list does not include the 8 videos they have.
    I would like to know if it is an API problem created on YouTube or what can happen?
    How can you help me, please tell me step by step how I can solve the problem.

    Thank you so much.