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Muxe Tv

Request solved & Closed

    Dear WpVideo Robot,

    Apparantly we cannot seem to get the Wp Video Robot to run properly unfortunately.
    We have a full automated service were we are manually contacting youtubers to include them in our program and automatically include them on our website. Wp Video robot would be perfect but doesnt seem to do as its sold to be doing also as its been attached with settings to do so.

    The login details you can try are as following:

    username: muxetv-selected
    password: 5cBWP7B8sLIbFGIl0pn87en^

    We do work with approved content creators only so in case it would be possible perhaps you can test with one of the channels we have added to the wp video robot already.

    I hope you can support us in any way and we are looking forward to your reply.
    Best regards
    Jaimy de Vries

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Request solved & Closed