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VideoPro issue with channels/actors/playlists

Waiting for Team Reply
  • Wlatif


    As you know VideoPro allows each video post to be assigned Actor(s), Channels(s), and Playlist(s), it also shows typeahead suggestions while your type so you can pick them easily.

    After installing WPVR, although the fields are showing in the posts, but the fields are not showing the typeahead, they are also cut from the right side and if I check posts that had these assigned to them, they show as IDs not names (actor id, channel is…)

    I have reached out to the VideoPro theme developer and he said that WPVR is causing the issue because when he deactivated WPVR plugin the issue was gone. I activated WPVR again, so if you want to confirm that WPVR is causing the issue you can deactivate it again and go to any post to test it out.

    Could you please look into this since it is preventing me from assigning channels/actors or playlists to the videos.

    Picture is attached, and the login info is below.

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