A preview of WP Video Robot 1.8

plugin.screenWP Video Robot has been a successful product since it was released almost exactly 2 years ago. In fact, more than 600 customers have made it a strong backbone for their project. Those same customers have given us several great ideas, through our support forum, to tremendously enhance WP Video Robot features. Today, we would like to show you a preview of the next version of WP Video Robot. We took a hard look at what the existing plugin offered and what we wished it offered. The result is an enhancement of its functionalities and features and a radical improvement of its performances.


Grouped processing of sources are now asynchronous

One of the most common issue we were facing with our customers were resources limits. Several WPVR users have a shared hosting, with limited resources. So the plugin is constrained by available memory allocated when it works. To solve that limit, or issue, we have spent hundreds hours of development to improve the time needed to execute several sources at once. How ? With implementing the asynchronous execution of sources. In fact, in the old version of WP Video Robot, to execute (run or test) 10 sources, the plugin needed 10 x (single execution time ) to achieve the process. With this new version, the plugin needs max( single execution time ). In human words, you can run 30 sources (with 5 wanted videos each) at once in 5 or 6 seconds.


Management of unwanted videos is now improved

We were asked so many times on how to automatically skip or avoid unwanted videos. We came up then with a clean and silk solution, to keep track of unwanted videos. So the plugin can skip them during fetching and importing processes. You can also review them at any moment, through the new ‘Unwanted Videos’ section. Fianally, two new options have been added to automatically add trashed or deleted videos to your unwanted videos.


Introducing Source Folders to sources with ease

We know most of you are using hundreds and maybe thousands of sources to keep their WPVR websites fresh and up to date. That’s why, we implemented sources folders as a backend (and internal) taxonomy to bulk handle them, and maybe bulk schedule them, using the new Scheduler addon.

Addons autoupdates and licensing

We know how hard it is to manage and update several WP plugins, including several addons of WP Video Robot. That’s why, we implemented addons autoupdate, so you easily keep your WPVR tools and website up to date. You only need to activate your addons licenses through the Manage Licenses screen. The plugin will let you know if ever a new version is available. You can then update your addons with a single click.

Better integration between WP Video Robot addons

Our development team constantly strive to make all of our products work seamlessly together. Our main goal is to make all of them behave as a single, cohesive system.

WP Video Robot interface improved

We have completely revisited the plugin interface. Screens and buttons have been deeply redesigned for smoother user experience. Besides, thanks to our precious customer’s feedback, we have corrected some security leaks, and several bugs.
We also added pagination to deferred and unwanted videos pages.

Better integration with your themes

A lot of customers were asking to have WPVR publish imported videos to regular WP posts. Unfortunately, we’ve chosen not to process that way. Why ? First, for security purpose, the plugin has its own custom post type, to avoid messing with your other data. Secondly, for import/export purpose, handling regular posts from the plugin can really be messy. We came up with a solution. With this new version, you have a new button added to the options page, called ‘GET THEME METABOXES’. Once you activated your theme, visit the WPVR options page once and click that button once. Now all your imported videos will have your theme metaboxes for customizations, exactly like any regular post.

We have been beta testing the new 1.8 version on our own local and online sites for several days already. We are very happy and proud with trhe result.

Have questions or comments ? Please head to our support forums 🙂