Monetizer Addon Tutorial

Get WP Video Robot – Monetizer Addon and start to monetize your automated blog right now.
Just follow this tutorial to use the addon.


If you need help to install the this addon, here is a tutorial for that.

Head to WPVR Addons > Monetizer and enable the addon by clicking ON/OFF button.Step-4-WPVR-monitizer









Video Categories :
You can select through this option, the video categories where would you like your advertisements to appear.
Leave this blank for all categories.


Enable Close Button:
Select whether to show up a close button on top of your advertisement.Step6-WPVR-monitizer









Countdown Enabled:
You can choose whether to automatically hide your ads overlay after a certain delay, and permit to your user to watch video.
The Wait Delay parameter is the number of seconds to wait before the video becomes watchable.


Waiting message :
You can define here the text message that will appear while people are waiting.

Start Watching Button Text :
You can define here the content of the button ‘Start Watching Button’ that appears automatically after waiting.

Content To Show :
You can select here what type of advertisment to show up : Google Adsense or some Custom HTML code (message, images, JS code … ).
You must then define each proper content of Google Adsense Code and/or Custom HTML.


You’re done ! Click Save Options button.

Here is an example of how your advertismnet would look like with some custom content.

sample video1

If you need any help using this addon, you can ask for help on the addons support forum.

Cheers !