Version 1.9.19 released!

The new version 1.9.19 of WP Video Robot has just been released! This is a major update where we’ve introduced some important core changes.
Besides, lot of fixes, improvements and new features have been implemented. We’re really happy to bring this version to you, so please take 3 minutes to update WP Video Robot and all its add-ons to ensure a smooth usage of the plugin.

WP Video Robot Meta Tables

When importing millions of videos, the WordPress postmeta table gets so big that, sometimes it slows down some customers websites. In order to overcome this issue, we’ve decided that the plugin should create and use its own meta tables (one for sources and one for videos). That way, the plugin improved both its scalability and its performances. We’ve also integrated a nice migration tool to help customers who already have content to migrate smoothly to those new tables.

HTTP Authentication Supported

If you have installed WP Video Robot on a site that is protected by HTTP Authentication password, you’ll likely encounter issues running sources asynchronously or having the automation work properly. To solve those problems, we’ve introduced new config constants to let the plugin authenticate as you when performing remote tasks.

Some other good stuff

  • Introduced several new hooks, preparing for more flexible modularity for fellow developers.
  • Added Source and Videos Meta Entries tab to help debugging a given element.
  • Added Sources Unwanted Videos tab to manage unwanted videos on a source basis.
  • Added constant for advanced users to force the import and creation of video thumbnails, even if they already exist on the media library.
  • Redesigned the Welcome page for a better user first experience with the plugin.
  • Fixed common SSL issues when getting remote file contents (images/tags…).

Bugfixes and corrections

In addition to all of those enhancements, WP Video Robot version 1.9.19 includes several corrections, as well as a number of security fixes. For further information, you may want to check the online Changelog or the one on the root folder of the plugin.

We are thrilled by this new release and hope you’ll enjoy it as well. As with all major updates, we strongly recommend that you use a staging or test server to test the updates on your site before installing it on a live site.

As always, we do welcome any and all feedback. If you ever have any questions or comments, please reach out to us by creating a support ticket on the plugin support forum.

Happy Video Importing!
The team at WP Video Robot