Setting Up CRON on cPanel

In this tutorial, we will focus on Setting Up CRON on cPanel in order to get WP Video Robot to run automatically.

If you do not want to configure anything, we have created a start/stop solution called WPVR Autopilot that automatically configures the automation of WP Video Robot.

Before to start, you have also other methods to configure the WP Video Robot automation : You can set up the cron on a linux server through SSH or on a Third Party Service.

1/ First of all, we need to turn on the Autorun Mode under WP Video Robot Options > Automation.

Once this done, you need to copy the “Crontab line to add (via URL)”  string starting from the wget word.
In our screenshot example, it would be:
wget -q -O /dev/null

2/ Now head to your cPanel login page, it is usually on And enter your credentials to login. If you don’t have your cPanel credentials, you may ask your host about them.

3/ On your cPanel homepage, click on Advanced > Cron Jobs

4/ Fill the form like shown below. It is very import that you schedule the cron each 10 minutes of every hour of every day.
WP Video Robot is designed to work each 10 minutes. If you put some other config, it won’t work.

5/ That’s it, you’re done !

Now let’s check if the WPVR automation is working properly. After the first ten minutes, if you visit the WPVR Dashboard > Automation Stats page, you should have a “CRON is working!” message. If not, then you have probably did something wrong on the past steps.

You can also check the WPVR > Activity Logs page to see if the automation is working properly.

If you need any help using WP Video Robot, don’t hesitate to create a new support ticket on the support forum.

Happy Video Importing!
The Team at WP Video Robot