Share To View Add-on Tutorial

Want to drain even more traffic to your automated video website ? Easy with the Share To View add-on !
Your visitors will have to share your videos on their social networks to be able to watch them.

In this tutorial we will see how to use WP Video Robot Share To View add-on.

Upload and Install it as a plugin on your site. If you need help to install this WPVR add-on, here is a tutorial for that.

Once the add-on is installed and activated, you need to enable it.

To enable add-on go to WPVR Addons > Share to view

1/ Options Tab

  • Categories to apply to
    Pick one or more categories where you want your Share To View overlay to appear. Leave this blank for all categories.
  • Post Types to apply to
    This option allows you to choose the post types that you want to your Share To View overlay to show. Leave this blank for all categories.
  • Video Services to apply to
    Here you can select the video services you want to your Share To View overlay to come out. Leave this blank for all categories.

2/ Networks Tab

In this tab you can choose which Social Networks you want to use on your overlay.

3/ Interactions Tab

  • Close Button
    This options makes you show or hide the button that control to close the overlay.
  • Message Position
    You can chose here whether to show the sharing message below or above sharing buttons.
  • Sharing message
    You can enter here the message to show up next to  the sharing  buttons.

4/ Buttons Tab

Icon Size
Here, you can choose sharing buttons icons sizes.

Icons Theme
You can select one of the custom icon themes.
Here’s how these themes would look like on your website front-end.

  • Flat 

  • Classic

  • Minima

  • Plain

Show Count
This option have make you to show the share count in two different ways. 

Show label on buttons
This option put the name of the social network next to his icon.

Share In
This is gives you three option:

  • blank – share in the new browser tab .
  • popup – share in the new browser popup window
  • self – share in the same browser tab

Round Icons
This option the icons rounded.

That’s it, your Share To View add-on is ready to work !

If you need any help using WP Video Robot, don’t hesitate to create a new support ticket on the support forum.

Happy Video Importing!
The Team at WP Video Robot