How to use WP Video Robot with TRUEMAG Theme


Let’s see how to implement WP Video Robot with the premium wordpress video theme TRUE MAG. We will achieve that by using the new 1.5.1 feature : dataFillers.
Learn More about dataFillers.

1. Head to WP Video Robot > Plugin Dashboard > dataFillers,

2. Add the following data Fillers :

  • Video URL tm_video_url
  • Video Duration time_video
  • Video Embed Code tm_video_code

Just like on the following screenshot :

3. Run your freshly created data fillers on the existing videos.
All the new videos will automatically have that custom fields filled with the adequate data.

You just have to disable the “AutoEmbed Videos Player In Content” option of WP Video Robot. In fact, since you are using the deTube or whatever theme video player, you don’t need the plugin to embed its video player in content anymore.

If you need any help using WP Video Robot, don’t hesitate to create a new support ticket on the support forum.

Happy Video Importing!
The Team at WP Video Robot