Vlog Theme Fix Add-on Tutorial

Vlog theme fix is a smart tool that allow you to smoothly integrate WP Video Robot with the Vlog premium theme. It allows you to choose which layout to use when your imported video renders on the front-end. It replaces the use of dataFillers and allows the plugin to seamlessly use all the theme video features with your imported videos.

Follow these steps to use the plugin with Vlog:

1/ Download and install the theme

  • Buy and download the Vlog Theme
  • Go to Appearance -> Themes and click on Add New
  • Then you need to upload the theme that you downloaded
  • Finally, Activate the Theme

2/ Download and install WP Video Robot

After getting the plugin zip file from CodeCanyon, install it as any other WordPress plugin. You have a tutorial here, if you don’t know how to do that.
You need to enter your Purchase Code in order to activate your copy of the plugin and get started importing millions of videos.

3/ Download and install the theme fix

Head to the store and get this add-on for free, then install it on your site exactly like any other WordPress plugin. You have another tutorial here if you’re having trouble with this step.

 4/ Set up the theme fix options

Next, you can define how the plugin integrates your videos with theme. You need to set that up only once. All videos you’ll import in the future will be using those settings. If you’ve made any change, and you have already imported some or lot of videos, you can update them according to your new choices by clicking on the UPDATE EXISTING VIDEOS button.

Cover Layout: This option gives you three layouts to choose when rendering the video:

Sidebar: This option gives you three ways to choose where to embed the sidebar when rendering the video:


Use WPVR Player:
Turn this option on if you want to use wpvr player, and if you using WPVR Video Station, WPVR Share to View, WPVR Monetizer you should turn on this option.

5/ Start importing videos

You can either import one single video using our Video Wizard or mass import videos using sources. We’ll cover here only the manual adding mode.
The result when importing through sources is exactly the same.

Import single video

1/ On your WP Admin menu, under Videos, click on Add New. Then, click on ‘Video Wizard’.

2/ Pick the video service you want to import your video from.

3/ Enter either the video URL or the video ID.

4/ Pick the video data you want to import and click on IMPORT VIDEO

5/ The page reloads and a message shows up, telling you that the video has been successfully imported.

6/ Check out how the video renders on the front-end.

As you can see, the plugin has implemented the views count, among other video data, so the Vlog theme can use them.

6/ Conclusion

Okay! That’s all you need to do. Thanks to the theme fix, your site is ready to smoothly integrate all the videos you’ll import using WP video Robot.

If you need any help using WP Video Robot, don’t hesitate to create a new support ticket on the support forum.

Happy Video Importing!
The Team at WP Video Robot