What’s new in WP Video Robot 1.6 ?


Version 1.6 Key Features

A mountain of work goes into this new release. In this article we’ll review the main improvements that version 1.6 brings.
The key features that we’re going to walk through are:

  • New Cool Features and Options
  •  Support of WPVR Addons
  •  New plugin activation system
  •  More Support for popular video themes
  •  Improvement of the whole user interface
  •  Correction of major bugs

New Cool Features and Options


In response to customer requests, we added a new permalink rewrite option. Now you can customize the way your imported videos permalink renders. Also, the thumbnails of imported videos have now automatically the video title and description added to their caption and data. That boosts considerably the SEO rankings. Finally, you can now choose to import only HQ videos from Youtube.

Support of WPVR Addons


The core version of WP Video Robot is a powerful video import plugin that has a lot of great features.
However, the biggest selling point of the new 1.6 version is how the plugin can be extended and enhanced.
On the <a href=”https://store.wpvideorobot.com”>Official Addons Store</a> you will have dozens of extensions, referred to as addons.
The addons pricing is very encouraging, and we also offer free addons. We are preparing some interesting bundles to help customers
saving money by purchasing bundled addons.

New plugin activation system


The new version offers a new way to activate your purchase licence, and also to manage all the addons licence keys.
Note that any purchase code is valid for unlimited subdomains of one single domain. That is actually a very good news for those
who have WordPress multisite installed with subdomains.

More Support for popular video themes


We also added some dataFillers presets for popular video themes like (TRUEMAG, BEETUBE, etc …).
Besides, you can now have a custom string automatically added to your custom field.

Improvement of the whole user interface


We implemented the Selectize.js jQuery plugin to enhance and improve the category and tags inputs.
The WP Video Robot user interface is getting prettier and easier 🙂

Correction of major bugs


As usual, we corrected all the reported major and minor bugs. On the other hand, the JS functions that handle the user interface actions and buttons has been totally rewritten.