What’s new on WPVR 1.8.4

One of the most challenging tasks of our support team was to turn our customers feedback and issues, into some cool new features and corrections for WP Video Robot. This update includes several highly requested features and numerous important bug fixes and improvements.

Important Notice :
The WPVR CRON URL has changed since version 1.8.4. Therefore, depending on how you have configured CRON, you need to update it. If you ever need help on that, please feel free to start a topic on the support forum.

No more duplicates !

With the help of our customers feedback, we’ve (finally) found and solved the problem of duplicates. We also have implemented a new powerful tool to merge your existing duplicates with one single click. Futhermore, we’ve added a ‘MERGE ALL’ button to merge all your duplicates at once. For your information, that tool merges around 500 duplicates within a couple of seconds.

New handy top bar menu

We have added a new handy menu on WordPress top bar, with links to all WP Video Robot tools and screens.new_topbar_menu

Better WordPress Multisite compatibilty

We have totally redesigned the CRON process and endpoint, to support all server configurations and all WordPress installations.
Now your WPVR CRON is available under yoursite.com/automation/yourtoken. Besides, we also have implemented WPVR addons autoupdate on WordPress multisite installations.

Browsing addons by category

In response to several customers requests, we have added category filtering on the addons browsing screen. Now you can select among Automation, Customization, Features, Import, Theme Fix, Video Services.

Search context added on Youtube Search sources

Many customers have requested to be able to filter videos imported from a channel. Therefore, we have added a new field for the Youtube Search source type. It is called Search Context, and it allows you whether to search for videos everywhere or only on a given channel.

Individual adding now supporting Video URL

When adding an individual video, WP VIdeo Robot was requiring to choose the video service, then the video ID. Now, on the new 1.8.4 version, you can also import a video by entering only its URL.

No more 404 Not Found error on activation

WP Video Robot needed you to flush your permalink rules when activating the plugin for the first time. Otherwise, trying to view your imported videos on the frontend, would throw a 404 Not Found error. On this new version, once you have imported your videos, you don’t need to do anything to show them up properly on your frontend.

Finally, we would like to thanks all the contributors and beta testers, who provided valuable reviews and feedback for this new release.

If you have any question, please check out our to our support forums.
Thanks for using WP Video Robot, see you soon for the next version!