What’s new on WPVR 1.8.6

One of the most challenging tasks of our support team was to turn our customers feedback and issues, into some cool new features and corrections for WP Video Robot. This update includes several highly requested features and numerous important bug fixes and improvements.

User Experience Improvements

Single Video Import WizardWP Video Robot Video Wizard

We have noticed that most of non techie customers did not like the user interface of single video adding. Therefore, we have coded a new wizard or assistant to help you single import your videos.

Introducing Bulk Update Thumbnailsupdate_thumbnails

A new feature has been request by some of our customers : Bulk re-download thumbnails for already imported videos. Whether you have messed up with your video thumbnails or you have lost them for some reason, that feature will help you re-download them and automatically set them as feature images of your videos.

Fancy source & videos filtering! source_filtering

We know most of our customers have hundreds of sources and hundreds of thousands of videos. We also know that browsing too many items can be a struggle sometimes. For that reason, we have completely redesigned the way you filter sources and videos.

Under the hood

WPVR counter shortcode

Another requested feature is a shortcode that shows how many videos your site actually have. You can filter that number, by category, by service and even by status.

WPVR is fully extendable!

WPVR uses the WordPress hook system to be as flexible as you might need. We have added on that version a new file on the root folder of the plugin called wpvr.custom.hooks.php that allows you to add your own action and filter hook to customize the plugin to better suit your needs.

AJAX security and performanced improved

We have totally redesigned and recoded all the AJAX communications of the plugin. Why? Simply to improve security on your WPVR automated WordPress website. Besides, all those changes will allow faster AJAX based actions.

Finally, we would like, one more time, to thanks all the contributors and beta testers, who provided valuable reviews and feedback for this new release.

If you have any question, please check out our to our support forums.
Thanks for using WP Video Robot, see you soon for the next version!