Where to find Dailymotion API Keys

WP Video Robot has an API connection wizard that makes API access really easy. However, API access is revoked each 24 hours for security reasons. Therefore, you can use Advanced API Credentials to keep WP Video Robot always connected so it can perform its automatic tasks.</div

Just follow these steps to get your Dailymotion API key.

1/ Go to this URL http://www.dailymotion.com/profile/developer. Sign in or sign up to be able to go to Manage your API Keys page. Then click on Create a new API Key.

2/ You’ll need to fill in the form as below:

3/ Your Dailymotion app is now created. Copy API Key and API Secret.

4/ Head to WP Video Robot Options, under API Access tab and select Use API Advanced Credentials on the API Connection dropdow. Paste client identifier and client secret from the last step the right input fields. Click Save options.

5/ That’s it ! WP Video Robot is ready to work non stop with Dailymotion. ?

If you need any help using WP Video Robot, don’t hesitate to create a new support ticket on the support forum.

Happy Video Importing!
The Team at WP Video Robot