What’s new on WPVR 1.9.16?

We are proud to announce that version 1.9.16 of WP Video Robot has been released to the world.

This release includes significant improvements to the user experience, increased functionality, and even greater flexibility when bulk importing videos. Besides, we have added new cool features that enhance speed and give users greater control.

We’d like to thank you for all your detailed feedback through our support forum and we’re happy to announce that many user-identified issues from earlier releases have been solved.

Let’s have a look at highlights of this new release:

New Source edition screen

We knew from our customers, that the source edition screen was kind of busy. That’s why we have introduced Source tabs that allow you to easily jump from one section to another.

Better Filtering for Videos and Sources

Looking for the one video you need to edit, among the hundreds of thousands of videos you’ve imported can be a real headache. Therefore, we’ve implemented on that new version new filters to narrow your searches with style!

Revamped Activity Logs

The Activity Logs screen, which gives you a detailed review of all plugin activity, has been completely revamped. Now, it presents relevant information through powerful timeline visualizations. You can easily analyze all automatic or manual plugin activities across a timeline to find the information you need quickly.

Thanks to that, the Activity Logs screen can now include more details. You can see all of the execution insights for each source and see exactly how each imported video was posted to the site without having to visit any other screen.

Full Timezone Support

Timezone support is now available throughout the plugin. Prior to this release, timezone support was only accessible when printing activity logs. With this new version, your defined timezone is supported inside source auto-execution schedules and everywhere when using WP Video Robot. Moreover, we’ve included a time format option (12-hours or 24-hours) to further improve user experience.

Use of External Thumbnails

Because downloading external thumbnails is, by far, the most resource intense function when importing videos, with this new version you can use external video thumbnails. You can even define, on a source-by-source basis, whether to download external video thumbnails or display the video thumbnails directly from the external video service on your site. This last option substantially enhances plugin speed and performance.

Duplicates Auto Cleaner

WP Video Robot Release 1.9.16 gives you the ability to automatically merge any duplicate videos found on your site. You can schedule that Duplicate Auto Cleaner hourly, daily, or even weekly.

Video Integration Options

Want greater control over the YouTube player embedded on your site? You’ve got it! WP Video Robot 1.9.16 allows you to define the following player customization options for each of your sources or for each video individually:
* Start Time
* End Time
* Hide Player Title
* Hide Player Related
* Hide Player Annotations

More descriptive system messages

WP Video Robot includes a CRON Machine Log that allows you to see exactly what happened during each automatic execution. This new release includes a more descriptive and detailed log messages. If there is ever an issue with WP Video Robot, these “smart” error messages should help you to sort things out quickly.

Several Bugs Fixed

In addition to all of these enhancements, WP Video Robot Release 1.9.16 includes a number of user-identified corrections.
Check out the changleog in the root folder for more details.


After extensive development and beta testing, we’re really proud to make this release available for everyone today. We’re excited and looking forward to seeing the masterpiece websites you’ll create with WP Video Robot. We welcome any and all feedback. If you ever have any questions or comments, please reach out to us by creating a support ticket on the plugin support forum.

Happy Video Importing!
The team at WP Video Robot